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2015 Come Back!

Dear DailyBooth Users,
 Sorry Our Team  Haven't Been On Here Alot But Since Its Summer Time Now We Have Time To Fix Our Site And Hire More Staff And Also Interns. Were Going Add Chat In Late June , And Other Things too So Get Ready And Get Daily Boothing! :D

~CEO Mark Estrada 6/14/15

2014 Update!

Hey Daily Booth Users!, I Know Daily Booth Havent Update Since 2013 But Were Back And We Need Staff Since We Harly Get On DailyBooth. If Wanna Reply Check The Apply Page Under About Us. And In Other News Were Updating Some Of Pages For Example, User Can Add Photo Albums In Photo Galley. There Going Be More Updates Later On In April.

~CEO Mark Estrada 4/12/14

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back To Daily Booth! , DailyBooth Is Starting To Rebuild But It Going Be Alot Of Time To Rebuild The Whole Website . EveryDay You Find Something New On The Page . The Website Will Be Fully Done By Summer Of 2015. So Mean Time In Joy Our Website.

~ CEO Mark Estrada 8/7/13

New Members